Dear young people,

When you are on the threshold of your life path and at the crossroads of choosing a future profession, consider it a lifelong profession. Will the profession of rehabilitator or lab technician, nurse or midwife bring you the satisfaction you need? The reasoning I am giving you may determine your choice.

... I'll be a nurse. Professional sister. In fact, I will dedicate the lion's share of my adult life to this profession. Unlike some other professions, I will not resent nursing because when a person devotes himself to him, he vows to devote all his waking hours to the nursing process. I love the nursing profession and don't think I could have a better life otherwise. I think there is no better profession - at least for me. Securing a life is not just about making money, but it is also a feeling of being useful, it is about finding meaning in work. I am not worried that I cannot grow professionally because I can continue my studies. I know that the path I have chosen is a good one. However, this does not mean that the road is easy. I truly believe in this and will follow the tradition of using my hands, mind and heart to help others ...

Assoc. Prof. Maria Krasteva Bozhkova, Ph.D.