* The mission of the College of Medicine is to educate and nurture professional knowledge among students in order to meet the needs of healthcare professionals and the community of healthcare professionals providing health care to a sick and healthy individual. Through the volume of theoretical knowledge and practical training, those who have acquired the healthcare profession can meet human needs through highly skilled healthcare.

* Orientation and specificity of the institution's goals, priorities and strategy for development

Educational goals

The main educational goal of the Medical College - Plovdiv is to train highly qualified health professionals capable of applying and developing scientific and medical knowledge and skills in medical practice and healthcare. It stems from his public mission related to the state policy for the development of higher medical education, medical science and health care in the Republic of Bulgaria, as well as from the principles of the Bologna Declaration and the Directives of the European Union.

* The goals set by the college are :

-  Training of highly qualified and professionally oriented health professionals

- The graduates of the College should have acquired a volume of knowledge and practical experience to work in all spheres of healthcare not only in the Republic of Bulgaria but also in all countries in the European region as well as globally.

- Develop students' understanding of European and professional cultural issues, which will support and improve health care through people practicing in different settings.

- To make students aware of the international dimension of nursing and health care professional knowledge.

- Develop students' awareness, understanding and acceptance of cultural differences.

- Develop students 'awareness and respect for patients' individual health culture

- Develop students' understanding of the impact of historical, philosophical, ethical, economic, political and professional factors on their own, as well as on other professional cultures.

- To develop students' awareness of professional culture and role, as well as their own cultural identity.

The Medical College to meet all the requirements of ED 77/452; 77/453; 35/2006 for the training of regulated professions: rehabilitator, medical technician, X-ray technician, health inspector, assistant pharmacist and dentist.

* The main tasks of the Medical College - Plovdiv, in accordance with its main purpose and mission are:

 Training of students in the professional field “Health care” for the needs of medical practice and health care.

  1. Postgraduate training - specialization and continuing qualification of health professionals working in the healthcare system.
  2. Conducting basic and applied research in the field of health care in order to meet the human needs of a healthy and ill person.
  3. To study, absorb and apply the achievements of the world medical science and practice in the field of health care.
  4. Development of methods, technologies, programs, models, etc. for the prevention, health care and rehabilitation of socially significant diseases.
  5. To motivate and educate among trainees the pursuit of humanity, ethical attitude and professional conduct in the spirit of the oath of Florence Nightingell.
  6. To build and enhance its international prestige and prestige at the Bulgarian Medical School.
  7. To promote and promote healthy lifestyles and behavior among the population.