International cooperation

Medical College in Plovdiv has implemented its most significant partnerships under PHARE, TEMPUS, ERASMUS, Leonardo da Vinci, World Bank, Open Society, etc., projects, as well as in bilateral relations with 28 partners, Health Care Colleges from 12 countries, members of ENM (Great Britain, Sweden, Denmark, Norway, Spain, Switzerland, Estonia, Lithuania, Scotland, the Netherlands and Rumania).
Besides its ENM partners, the Medical College in Plovdiv has concluded bilateral agreements for cooperation with colleges and higher institutes in Belgium (Hemes - Liege, Galileo - Brussels), Spain (Murcia, Barcelona), Portugal (Porto), Italy (Turin), Greece (Yanina), Serbia (Beograd) etc.
Since 2000, the Medical College in Plovdiv has been a full member of FINE (the European Federation of Nurse Educators), with the director of the College, prof.Krasteva, being the President of the organisation in the period 2006-2008.
The medical College in Plovdiv was a host to the VII International Conference of FINE in October, 2008.
The Medical College is a partner organisation in:
- The Virtual Hospital project „Setting in Motion of a virtual hospital, enahncing the quality of primary and continual training of nurses in Europe", financially supported with the help of EU Leonardo DA Vinci programme;
- Project GEROM "Mutual development of online master degree programme in gerontology for nurses";
- Project „Different but equal - for independence and worthy life of disabled people in Plovdiv Municipality", implemented with the financial support of Operative programme „Human Resources Development", co-financed by the EU through the European Social Fund;
- Project „Protected housing for mentally detarded elderly people in Plovdiv Municipality", under PHARE-2005, „Deinstitutionalisation throughproviding access to social services to risk groups".